Hubei cure the zither konjac technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2012, is mainly to modern agriculture and konjac food development, processing and marketing of new high-tech enterprise, registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a member of the Chinese association of konjac.The site is located in zhuxi county old industrial park.In 2014 to expand the county konjac industry, company relocation gold copper ridge industrial park, and start the new konjac industrial park project.

Company the first phase of construction plant 12 buildings, office buildings, and science and technology building each 1.Has the comprehensive department, finance department, the marketing center, qc/research and development department, production department, logistics department, etc.Honesty as the base, a company with "business industrial people-oriented" development philosophy, to science and technology as the guide, to become bigger and stronger konjac industry as the goal, to build first-class enterprise, create famous brand product, promoting the county and northwest of konjac industry continue to grow stronger.

At present, the company introduced over 20 high-tech talent, and successively with the huazhong agricultural university, hubei university of technology signed a cooperation agreement product research and development, scientific research to provide technical support for the enterprise.Has research and development of konjac purified powder, leisure food, solid beverage, konjac meters of four major categories of more than 30 kinds of products, and accordance with the requirements of food production and save the related department and expert review, worked out the konjac products industry standards.



Konjac contains a lot of mannose anhydride, vitamins, fiber, and a certain amount of mucus proteins that has peculiar function and health care effect, was praised as a "magic", a "don't want to fat, eat konjac; want to thin, eat konjac; good to intestines and stomach, or eat konjac".

Also known as grinding taro, shao body, shao head, hemp taro, demon taro, head, Hualien rod six valley, snakes, etc.

Morphological characteristics

Konjac as the plants of the genus araceae konjac collectively, mostly in the eastern tropical, subtropical, as one of the country of origin in China, sichuan, hubei, yunnan, guizhou, shaanxi, guangdong, guangxi, Taiwan province mountainous area all have distribution.

Konjac is a lot of more phyletic, according to statistics, the world has more than 260 varieties, recorded for 19 species in China, of which 8 species endemic to China.Konjac tuber oblate, like a big water chestnut, nutrition is very rich, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, and selenium element, also contain human need konjac polysaccharide, and have the characteristics of low calorie, low fat and high fiber.

Nutritional analysis

Konjac of the moisture content is 97%.2.2 g per 100 g konjac contains protein, fat 0.1 g, 17.5 g carbohydrates, 19 mg calcium, phosphorus, 51 mg.In addition also contains a lot of mannose anhydride, vitamins, fiber, and a certain amount of mucus proteins.Konjac is a beneficial alkaline food, help people to acid, alkali balance, beneficial to human body health.Konjac tuber underground circular, like a big water chestnut, nutrition is very rich.Konjac low calories, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and other mineral elements content is higher.Also contain human needs of konjac polysaccharide, and have the characteristics of low calorie, low fat and high fiber.

Consumption of efficacy

Konjac food not only taste delicious, pleasant taste, and the exercise to lose weight to cure cancer, and so on, so the world by storm in recent years, and was praised as "magic food", "magic food", "health food", etc.Invigorate the circulation of blood, phlegm, soft firm: promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, detoxicating detumescence, wide bowel aperient, phlegm soft firm.Attending scrofula phlegm nuclear damage, bruising, constipation, abdominal pain, sore throats, sore gums, etc.In addition, konjac has calcium, balanced salt, clean the stomach, the intestines, detoxification, etc.

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